Sir Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky feature in Japanese anime short

Hill Climb Girl tells the story of how a young girl conquers a demanding grade

Wiggo rides to victory helped by his Team Sky teammates – with a presumably unhappy Chris Froome left in the peloton

If the end of season has you missing tales of road racing, then have a look at this anime short from Japanese Studio Khara and Dwango.


The cartoon-like story charts Team Sky winning a race with Sir Bradley Wiggins charging through to take first-place honours. This inspires a young girl to race her way to the top of the local hill, competing against a brash male rival.

It’s an entertaining watch for young and old cyclists alike, and features some great close-ups of gear shifting, heavy panting and top TT bikes.

Wiggo even turns into an Obi-Wan Kenobi-like mentor to the young cycling protaginist as she makes her attack on the hill to try to beat her annoying competitor.

You can view the video here to find out whether she wins and what happens next. Subtitles are available for non-Japanese speaking audiences.


Executive producer Hideaki Anno explained: “We planned this short film project for believing in the pursuit and exploitation of fun images that Japanese animation has, deepening [the] diversity of flexible expression, understanding and exploiting individual talents, and the dreams and possibilies [for] the future, which are inherent in Japanese anima(tor)s.”