Sir Chris Hoy wrongly targeted by fuming football fans

Olympian bombarded with Twitter messages aimed at referee Chris Foy

It's Hoy, not Foy

Sir Chris Hoy was the target of angry football supporters who had confused the Olympian with a controversial Premier League referee.


The Scot received the criticism via Twitter from irate Tottenham Hotspur fans, incensed with referee Chris Foy’s performance during their 2-1 defeat at Stoke City. This was enough for some dimwitted Spurs supporters to take to the social media website and vent their rage at the nonplussed Olympic champion.

“Just for the record 1) I don’t need glasses and 2) I do not lead a double life as an English premiere league ref. That’s Chris Foy,” tweeted Hoy yesterday, appearing to take the cases of mistaken identity in good humour.


This didn’t appear to be enough, with Hoy later adding: “Still getting some rather amusing grief from Spurs fans! On the plus side I’ve learned some new 4 letter words today.”