Sir Richard Branson made to wear bike helmet in Australia

Billionaire falls foul of compulsory helmet laws in Adelaide

Sir Richard Branson promoting Newcastle's popular Virgin Money Cyclone sportive last year

Multibillionaire and founder of the Virgin business empire Sir Richard Branson has been stopped by police in Adelaide, Australia, for illegally cycling without a helmet.


Branson was riding in Adelaide when he was stopped by two officers and given a warning, reported The Daily Telegraph. He was allowed to carry on riding and avoided a £100 fine because he agreed to wear a helmet. Robert Pattinson, star of the Twilight saga, was stopped for the same offence in January this year.


Australia is one of the few countries with mandatory helmet laws in place, and foreigners are warned rather than fined because of their unfamiliarity with the regulations. The law, introduced in July 1991, has frequently attracted attention because it was believed to curb cycling levels.