Siva Cycle Atom charges your iPhone as you ride

iPhone charger claimed to work as fast as mains power

The Siva Cycle Atom is a new bike-powered generator that allows you to charge your iPhone, smartphone or virtually any USB-compatible mobile device as you ride.


The Atom weighs 300g and has only three moving parts. Once installed on the non-driveside of the rear hub, the generator is engaged by the spinning wheel, creating energy that’s fed into a 1,650mAh battery pack.

The pack, which sports standard and micro USB ports, has an output charge of 1,000mA, which Siva says will provide enough power to charge an iPhone 5 from flat to full at the same rate as when plugged into a mains socket.

You can also remove the battery pack and charge devices remotely from your bike or charge directly while pedalling.

The project was funded by Kickstarter. The campaign raised $126,082 – the original goal was $85,000 – and for every 10 Atoms sold, Siva is donating one to help provide energy to people in developing countries.


The Siva Cycle Atom is currently on sale for US$112.50 within the US and Canada, and US$129 internationally, for shipping in mid-October. Reign23 is also selling it for $99.99 until 5 September.