SKS forms ‘Made in Germany’ team

German mountain bike squad based on country pride

SKS, the German component and accessory maker, has formed ‘Made in Germany’ (MIG), a team of German athletes using only bicycle equipment made in Germany.


“The quest to create a ‘Made in Germany’ team was a passion of SKS owner Willo Blome and has been well worth the effort to assemble these great Germany companies,” said Jan Henning, SKS International Sales Manager and team leader. “We’re showing that great bicycle products are still MADE in Germany, and that not all bicycle manufacturing has moved to the Far East. It’s a bonus that our young team is performing so well this season.”

The team concept originated at SKS, and the company currently manages the team. Other official sponsors of the MIG team include Hercules, Continental, Uvex, Magura, Vaude, Tune, Schmolke, Ultra Sports, Ergomo, Nokon, Rapunzel, Veltec, Natur*Sport, Staps & Adidas.

The team consists of Ines Thoma, Manfred Reis, Fabian Giger, Markus Schulte-Lunzum, Marc Mensebach, Mona Eiberweise (European Champion and recent  worlds bronze medalist), and Rumen Voigt. Team leaders are Matthias Beck, Mario Thoma and Henning. The MIG Team has won more than 30 victories. The team bike is a Hercules Revo specced with components all coming from within the German borders.


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