SKS Longboard fender — First look

Full coverage fender set with mud flaps

SKS Germany have introduced a new full coverage fender set called the Longboard, which offers some of the best wheel coverage in the industry.


The Longboard fender is 45mm wide and fits 700c road wheels with tires ranging from 28-37mm. It’s longer than average and comes with 6in mud flap extensions, on both the front and rear, to provide maximum spray protection without the need for homemade solutions.

This should mean an end to riders having to add halved water bottles to extend their fenders’ coverage, and helps to keep your feet dry, as well as keeping the crank arm, bottom bracket and chainrings clean. The fender is made of plastic with an aluminum core.

SKS’s beige longboard fenders are recycled from pet waterbottles: sks’s beige longboard fenders are recycled from pet waterbottles
SKS Germany

SKS’s beige Longboard fenders are recycled from PET waterbottles


The front fender is finished with a front edge protector, while the set comes with equipped with weather resistant stainless hardware and beefy 3.4mm support stays. The set is available now in black and silver for US$49.99 as well as beige, which is made from PET recycled plastic, for $44.99.