Smart debut electric bike at Paris Motor Show

Car company jump on e-bike bandwagon

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Daimler’s Smart division, famous for their matchbox size cars, displayed a new e-bike at the recent Paris Motor Show.

Jumping on the same bandwagon as other car manufacturers like Lexus, BMW and Peugeot, the Smart model offers four levels of pedal assistance via a 250W hub motor, which cuts out at 25km/h.

Dr Annette Winkler, head of Smart, said: “People of all ages, with or without a driving licence, fit or not, will enjoy experiencing the world by bicycle.”

Designed in conjunction with German electric bike manufacturers Grace, the Smart Ebike weighs in at around 22kg.

The led headlamp is integrated into the handelbar and follows every steering movement :

It uses the same active curve lighting found in modern cars – whereby the integrated front LED light follows the steering movement of the handlebar as you ride. A rear LED is integrated into the saddle.

Range depends on the power level used; Smart claim a maximum of 90km. Claimed charge time is two to three hours, and braking energy is cleverly captured by the rear hub, turned into electrical energy and stored for later use in the battery.

A belt drive is used on the ebike, and the electric drive is integrated in the rear wheel:

A belt drive is used for minimal maintenance and silent riding

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Prices and availability are to be confirmed, but we’ll try to get a ride on one as soon as possible.