Smart helmet offers built in lights, speakers, heart rate and more

Livall crowdfunding its new smart helmets

Smart helmets seem to be a growing category in the bike industry, and Livall has launched its second campaign on Indiegogo with a new range of lids.


Livall’s first helmet saw built-in lights, Bluetooth speakers, a microphone and a three-axis gyroscope for crash detection, but its new design includes the options to bring additional functionality as well as built-in heart rate.

Livall says all three of its new helmets pass most global impact standards including CE (Europe), CSPC (US) and AS/NZS 2063 (AU).

Road bike helmet — BH81H

Livall’s road helmet has a built-in heart rate monitor, stereo speakers, lights, microphone, and gyroscope

Somewhat reminiscent of POC’s Octal, the new BH81H (try saying that ten times fast) sees a broad range of built-in tech in a self-contained package and is claimed to weigh 320g.

Livall has also designed a helmet for its Ning Xia Sports Lottery LIVALL Cycling Team, a UCI continental team registered in China — though that helmet isn’t available through this campaign.

As with the original Livall helmet, the BH81H gets built in lights, stereo speakers, and a gyroscope for crash detection, the new lid also get a built-in heart rate strap. Similar to LifeBEAM, the Livall heart rate monitor places a small optical sensor up against your forehead and determines heart rate from the blood flowing beneath your skin.

Livall designed a helmet for its UCI continental team but it doesn’t look like you can get it just yet

Using Bluetooth, the helmet can be paired with your phone (through Livall’s companion app) and the ‘Bling’ handlebar remote to control the LED lights, as well as play music through the speakers. In the same vein as the ICEdot, if the built-in gyroscope detects an impact it will trigger an alarm on your phone and send a message to your loved ones if it’s not turned off in a predetermined time period.

There’s also an integrated microphone, which allows wearers to take phone calls and, if your friends are also wearing the same helmet, it can be used like a walkie talkie.

The rechargeable battery is claimed to last up to 10 hours if only the lights are in use or three to six hours for music and lights, and is set to retail for US$229. UK and Australian pricing were not available.

Mountain bike helmet — MT1

The MT1 gets everything the road lid does except the optical heart rate sensor

Livall’s mountain bike helmet looks similar to its original lid, but for the updated version the lights have been moved to the back and it also gets the same features as the road helmet, bar the built-in heart rate sensor.

Claimed to weigh 280g, Livall says the MT1 will last up to 10 hours if only the lights are used or three to six hours for music and lights. The MT1 is set to retail for US$179, UK and Australian pricing were not available.

Kid’s helmet — KS2

Livall’s kid’s helmet sees built-in LEDs for ultimate visibility

Livall’s kid’s helmet sees a light on the top and rear of the shell. To operate, simply tap three times to turn the light on and twice to change the color of the light.

With a claimed weight of 280g, Livall says the KS2’s battery will last up to six hours and will retail for US$59. UK and Australian pricing were not available.


Livall’s funding campaign has just under a month remaining and has already raised nearly twice its funding goal. For more information check out Livall’s Indiegogo page.