Smith sharpens visuals with ChromaPop lens for glasses and goggles

Light filtered at two wavelengths for greater clarity, Smith claims

Next month Smith is adding a new type of lens technology to its PivLock sunglasses and two MTB goggles. The new ChromaPop lens, which Smith claims improves visual clarity and definition, will be available in all three PivLock styles (Arnea, Arena Max and women’s Asana) plus the Squad MTB and Fuel V.2 goggles.

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ChromaPop lenses filter light at two different wavelengths to give sharper visuals and enhanced natural color, Smith says, while protecting the eyes.

The Smith PivLock Asana
Courtesy Smith

For the PivLock Arena, Pivlock Arena Max and women’s PivLock Asana, there are four lens tint choices: ChromaPop Sun Green Mirror (VLT 12%), ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror (VLT 15%), ChromaPop Brown (VLT 17%) and ChromaPop Platinum (VLT 12%). All four are for bright sun conditions. Each pair of sunglasses also comes with a low-light lens, the ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash (VLT 48%), to add contrast on overcast days.

For mountain bikers who prefer goggles, the ChromaPop lenses will come on the Squad MTB and Fuel V.2. Each model will be available with ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror (VLT 25%) or ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash (VLT 50%), plus a clear lens.

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The Smith Squad MTB
Courtesy Smith

Pricing and availability

  • PivLock sunglasses with ChromaPop — $189
  • Squad MTB goggles — $85
  • Fuel V.2 — $95
  • Available beginning September 2016
  • UK and AU pricing was not immediately available