Smith’s new Attack and Attack Max use magnets for speedy lens changes

New fast and easy lens changing system

Picking up where it left off with its PivLock lens change systems, Sun Valley Idaho-based Smith Optics has upped the bar with the brand’s new MAG interchangeable lens technology.


Like the PivLock sunnies, the new Attack and Attack Max see removable arms, but the way they attach to the lens is genuinely clever. Instead of ‘popping’ the arms onto the lens as most interchangeable systems do, often involving stressing the lens and frame and adding quite a few fingerprints, they slide onto an injection molded ‘temple lug’ on the upper corner of the lens with a grabber akin to an alligator clip or the pegs used for hanging laundry on a clothesline.

The Mag technology puts two opposing neodymium magnets in the grabber on the arm

For a bit of added security, the clip is secured by two opposing N52 neodymium magnets, and this appears to be one of the simplest lens change systems we’ve seen to day, which is saying something given Smith’s own PivLock is pretty darn quick and easy. Smith says the new design limits how much you need to flex or stress the lens, and should help it to last longer and stay sharper over time.

There are two versions of Smith’s new sunnies: the Attack and Attack Max. The Attack is the smaller of the two and feature a lens similar in size to the Arena Max, while the Attack Max offers max coverage and sees the top of the lens raised, similar to Oakley’s Radar EV.

The Attack Max is designed to offer maximum coverage

The new Attack and Attack Max also come with two of Smith’s Chromapop lenses, in one of three possible lens colours for bright sunny days, and a Rose Flash lens for flat or varied light. Smith says its ChromaPop lenses filter light at two different wavelengths to give sharper visuals and enhanced natural colour, while protecting the eyes. Smith also uses a Hydrophobic lens coating to prevent oil and moisture smudging on the lens.

The new sunnies are claimed to weigh 29.2g for the Attack and 31.6 g for the Attack Max and feature the same two-position nosepiece as seen on the PivLock Arena Max sunnies with hydrophilic Megol rubber temple and nose pads to keep them securely attached to your face.


Both the Attack and Attack Max will retail for $250 (regional pricing to be confirmed), and will be available starting in July.

The Attack sees a slightly smaller lens