Snap on, snap off Selle Royal’s new customisable saddle

Don’t leave it out in the rain, with thieves about

Here’s a new saddle concept for urban cyclists – a top layer that can be quickly and easily removed from the base, making your bike less attractive to thieves, and your backside less likely to get wet when you leave it locked up outside.


Sell Royal says its new TA+TOO saddle is designed specifically for riders with limited bike storage, and can be tweaked to your satisfaction using the online configurator. There’s a wide range of options here, depending largely on whether you go for the standard chrome design (12 options) or vintage design (three options).

There are also two colours available for the base (black and white), and two back handle colours (black and white), should you wish to change them.

Selle royal’s new ta+too saddle

The new saddle comes padded with 3D skingel to absorb shocks when riding, and Selle Royal says its shape is designed for being ridden in an upright position on urban bikes.

The modular design has already won a Red Dot Design award, and its makers are already planning a series special collaborations with illustrators based around the themes of travel, wilderness, love and landscapes. More info on these special editions will be released by Selle Royal in coming months.


TA+TOO is available from 16 May on the Selle Royal website here. Prices start at €70 for the chrome design, €75 for the vintage designs, or €80 for the limited editions.