Snow bikes for tykes

Strider offers snow attachment for no-pedal bikes

Strider Sports is selling a kit that turns its no-pedal balance bike for toddlers into a ski bike.


The $31/£19 Snow Strider Skis attachment straps to the wheels and equips your child to slide down snowy hills.

The Snow Strider Skis can be bought through retailers and online at

Strider bikes can help teach kids balance before introducing pedals — and ideally to allow them to skip training wheels.

A strider with the snow bike kit: a strider with the snow bike kit
With two tiny skis and four straps, a Strider bike becomes a ski bike

 “From Slovakia to Japan to the ski slopes in the Black Hills, we’ve been putting them to use all across the world,” said Ryan McFarland, CEO of Strider Sports International. “The kids love them!”

Strider bikes in the snow