Social ride organising app launched

iPhone App aims to de-stress group ride organisation

JoinCycling, an app designed to make it easier to organise friends and club members for regular bike rides, has been launched on iTunes.


The iOS app was launched last week by hopeful Danish designer, Ole Jensen, and is intended to take the hassle out of back-and-forth group emails, texts and phone calls when organising a ride.

The platform allows users to diarise rides, invite attendees and give a brief description of the route. The privacy settings can be altered to allow others to participate even if they’re not directly connected to the organiser. 

“Modern life has changed,” Jensen told BikeRadar when describing the inspiration for the idea. “Organising rides among a group of friends can be a little bit of a hassle, sending texts and emails, making calls and negotiating a place to meet. Hopefully JoinCycling will make it just a little easier for groups of friends to organise when and where they’re going to meet and just getting on with enjoying the ride.

Jensen admits that the $3.99 (£2.50) iPhone app needs to be downloaded by a network of friends for it to be really useful, but he hopes it will gain a following. He said he hopes it could also become a useful tool for clubs to communicate directly with members about planned rides.


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