South Park tackles Lance Armstrong affair

Popular comedy series goes for the yellow wristbands

Mr Mackey feels the pain of being duped by a sporting icon

The popular TV cartoon series South Park will feature the Lance Armstrong doping affair in episode 1613 to be screened this Wednesday, 31 October on Comedy Central.


Entitled A Scause for Applause, the episode blurb reads: “Rocked by the recent news of drug use by a beloved icon, the world is left feeling lost and betrayed. The boys, join with the rest of the nation, and remove their yellow wristbands. Everyone is on board, except for Stan, who just can’t seem to cut off his bracelet.”

Here’s a preview clip that focuses on the moment of crushing disappointment when everyone realises they’ve been duped. It features Mr Mackey, famous for his “drugs are bad, m’kay” parable.

South park promo

If you don’t have the Comedy Central channel on TV, the episode can be watched online via (pay per view).