Specialized to give away Tour bikes

Cav's S-Works Venge and others to be awarded

Specialized is doing a giveaway for actual Tour de France bikes, just like this one

After the 100th Tour de France concludes, seven or eight lucky riders from around the world will be flying into Specialized’s California  headquarters to pick up a bike raced by a pro in the world’s biggest race. Specialized is giving away a few bikes used by its sponsored riders such as Mark Cavendish, and will be hosting the winners for two days.


Specialized is running the competition, dubbed #itsmytour, in six markets: the US, Brazil, Spain, France, Germany and New Zealand. (And no, the UK is not included, sorry.) The way to win varies by market; in France and Germany Specialized has tied the competition to a Facebook promotion, and in the US it involves going into a bike shop to participate. 

“Seven possibly eight riders will get the pros’ actual bikes from the Tour with a certificate of authenticity,” said Specialized’s Evan Haner. “The coolest part is the fulfillment. We are going to fly the riders in and give them a tour of the facility, let them see the wind tunnel, potentially meet some athletes, and go on some rides. Then at the end, they can walk through the museum [Specialized’s front-lobby display], and their bike will be there with a light shining down on it.”


To learn more visit specialized.com.

Specialized is doing a giveaway for actual tour de france bikes, just like this one: specialized is doing a giveaway for actual tour de france bikes, just like this one
Specialized will be giving away actual Tour de France bicycles, just like this one