Specialized Turbo S electric bike lands in Australia

Long awaited e-bike hits Aussie shores

After a two-year wait, Australia has finally received its first shipment of the Specialized Turbo S electric bike – available at 18 Specialized dealers across the nation.


The electric pedal-assisted bicycle was launched in a limited release in the Spring of 2012 due to it being “too fast to be legal” in some markets, including the US. The bike was eventually distributed into North America in 2013, but has not been available in Australia until it met with the country’s 250-watt specification. This restriction limits the Turbo S to 25km/h, as opposed to its capable top speed of 45km/h allowed in other countries.

According to Specialized, most stores have already sold out of their initial drop, with only a few bikes still available. Specialized is expecting a second shipment to arrive in April.

“I had pretty good idea what to expect having demoed the Turbo S previously at product launches,” said Nat Richards, Sales and Service Manager at Woolys Wheels in Sydney.“ The bike is both functional and really fun to ride.

Nat richards of wooleys wheels spoke to bikeradar about the new turbo s:
Hayley Clark / Future Publishing

Nat Richards of Sydney-based Woolys Wheels spoke to BikeRadar about the new Turbo S

“Technology is getting so much better, giving the bike easier shifting and longer-lasting batteries. The bike is perfect for commuters and those looking for a healthy transport alternative,” he added.


The bike weighs 22.7 kilograms and has a recommended retail price of $7,499.