Speedplay Aero Pedal System now shipping

One-sided Zero pedal with dimpled underside and matching rubberized cleat cover

First teased at Interbike last year, Speedplay’s Aero Pedal System is now available for sale. Claimed to be “the most aerodynamic clipless pedal system available”, it’s a one-side Zero pedal with a dimpled underside that, when clipped into the aero cleat, creates a smooth, unbroken surface all the way down to the shoe sole.


Speedplay’s Zero pedal system is “upside down” compared with most road pedals, in that cleat has moving parts for engagement instead of the pedal. The company claims this system allows for more cornering clearance, lower weight, better float and easier disengagement. The Aero Pedal System will keep all the same design aspects except for the double-sided entry.

“Our standard Zero Pedal System already has a small frontal area, so I only needed to focus on streamlining the shape,” said Richard Bryne, Speedplay’s designer and CEO. “I redesigned the Zero pedals and cleats to form a continuous contoured profile to produce the smooth uninterrupted shape now found in the Zero Aero system.”

While they’re the pedal system Bradley Wiggins rode to the UCI World Hour Record, exact time/watt savings are not claimed. Speedplay notes that the Aero Pedal system is specifically intended for use in competitions against the clock, and that its other, dual-sided, pedal systems are a better choice outside of these situations.   

The Zero Aero Pedal will be available in both stainless steel ($275) and titanium ($399) models (UK and Australian pricing was unavailable at time of writing). Unfortunately we’re yet to weigh the new pedal in either format.

Interchangeable with each other, the aero walkable cleats are quite similar to Speedplay’s recently introduced walkable cleat. The key difference is the dimpled design, instead of pronounced rubber grippers of the standard walkable cleats. Screwing into both walkable cleat designs is the Cleat Buddy, a rubber plug to protect the Zero cleat’s internal parts.

The cleat buddy is a screw-in plug to protect the zero cleat’s internals: the cleat buddy is a screw-in plug to protect the zero cleat’s internals

The Cleat Buddy is a screw-in plug to protect the Zero cleat