Spin class meets laundromat with this washing machine bike

The weirdest n+1 yet

Now you can wash your clothes as you ride

The Tuvie Washing Machine gives the term ‘spin cycle’ a whole new meaning. Targeted at the time starved athlete or those wishing to cut down on their utility bills, it’s essentially a spin bike, where the front wheel has been replaced with a laundry drum. As you pedal, the drum spins and gets your clothing clean.


We’re dreaming of spin class rooms filled with these, where patrons get a workout and a clean basket of clothing after their 45 minute session. Got a stubborn stain? We’re sure someone will create ‘stain intervals’ to see those gone.

The concept Tuvie Washing Machine offers an internal generator that stores the energy created by spinning drum and can be used to power a display screen or stored for future use.

While we’re actually a little excited about this concept cleaner, there are a few key details missing. Do you need to run a water pipe to the bike or does it need to be manually filled? How do you drain the water? And what about the power created by the generator, could that be used to charge a phone or power an appliance?

Olympic cyclist vs. toaster: can he power it?

If that’s what it takes to power a toaster, we’ll just have cereal 


Nevertheless, for those looking to capitalize on their time spent on the bike, this may be one to keep an eye on.