Spin Cycle Works new clincher wheels for 2013

K2 Kynorsums and K2 SL Koppenbergs for all purpose road riding

Spin Cycle Works have revamped their road wheel offerings for 2013, moving towards wider clincher rims for greater comfort, stiffness and practicality. They’re handbuilt at Spin’s factory in Stratford-upon-Avon, and are aimed at roadies who have a bit of money to spend on a good-performing all-round wheelset.


Spin showed BikeRadar two wheelsets from their eight-strong Hyperdrive range. At the cheaper end are the K2 Kynorsums, which are built with Sapim Race round spokes on Spin R50 (24 hole) rear and F40 (20 hole) front hubs. There’s a 28mm, alloy rimmed Speedmetal K2 version for £399 (1,580g per pair) and a Carbon K2 50mm clincher (1,610g) for £699.

Both feature 24mm wide rims, which means standard 700x23c tyres conform better to the rims. The lack of a bulge from the rim to the tyre is quite evident. It also means you can run lower pressures: 85-90psi instead of 110-120psi, resulting in a significantly smoother ride without increased risk of pinch flats.

Spin love their red and blue anodising:
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing

Spin love their red and blue anodising

If you’re after a 60g weight reduction and an improvement in aerodynamics, the same wheels are available as K2 SL Koppenbergs with Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes for £499 (Speedmetal K2 SL) and £799 (Carbon K2 50SL). The weight savings are achieved by using lighter spokes and front hubs.

Spin will continue to sell their Hypersonic Carbon Race 38mm/50mm wheels (tubular and clincher versions) and Supersonic Carbon 50mm clinchers. These use more conventional rim widths.


For more information visit www.spincycleworks.com.