Spinlister helps UK cyclists make money from their bikes

Innovative app lets you rent out your bike to fellow riders

Bike-sharing website and mobile app Spinlister has launched in the UK, providing Brit cyclists with a chance to lend out their bike for cash. 


The idea behind the app is to try to make use of the millions of bicycles that are unused every day, by persuading people to ride a bike as an alternative to public transport and to make it easier for cyclists to find bikes to rent.

The company, which started in Santa Monica, has built up a userbase that covers 100 cities around the world. Now the mobile app has launched in the UK.

App users are able to view all the available bikes near their position via geo-location.

An insurance policy of up to £2,980 should add confidence for any users worried about theft or damage. There’s also a review system in place and users are verified through their social media profiles.

Spinlister’s chief marketing officer said: “Spinlister offers an open service that encourages people to share their bikes with other cycling enthusiasts. The number of users on our UK site is growing every day, indicating just how much potential there is for people to bring in an additional income by listing their bikes and sharing them with other enthusiasts.”


Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the number of bikes available to rent in the UK was on the low side, with few options outside London. However, the concept is pretty intriguing and with average rental prices below those of cycle hire shops (according to Spinlister, the app offers an average daily rate of £15.48, as opposed to an average of £22.90 at a bike rental shop), this could be worth keeping an eye on.