Spiuk shoes for 2013 – first look

New road, mountain bike and triathlon footwear at Core Bike

Spanish brand Spiuk (pronounced ‘spook’) showed off a full range of road, MTB and triathlon shoes at this year’s Core Bike, all of which look set to be great value for money. 


Their new entry level road shoe, the ZS22R, has three velcro straps, a glass fibre and polyamide sole and a stated weight of 470g per pair (size 40). All of that for just £74.95. At £89.95, the 645g Brios adds a micro adjust buckle to a single velcro strap, over heat mouldable uppers and a glass fibre sole. 

The ZS15R uses a micro adjust buckle with an Atop lacing system and has massively perforated heat mouldable uppers in black, white or red. With glass fibre soles, the shoes have a stated weight of 705g per pair and retail at £109.95. Topping the road range is the ZS15RC, which has the same uppers as the ZS15R but with two independent Atop closures and an SLX1 carbon fibre sole. Coming in red/white or green/black, stated weight is a mere 470g and the price is a reasonable £169.95.

Off-roaders aren’t forgotten, either. The £109.95 ZS15M has a glass fibre sole with rubber tread and front fitting, heat mouldable uppers and a reinforced toe and heel, and is secured by a front velcro strap and Atop closure. Colours are black or white, and stated weight is 820g. 

The rubber sole on the zs15m:
Robin Wilmott/Future Publishing

The rubber sole on the ZS15M

MTB racers should take a look at the ZS15MC, which uses the same uppers as the ZS15M but with a pair of Atop closures, plus a full carbon sole, an aggressive-looking tread pattern and stud fixings. The weight drops to 600g, and the shoe comes in black only and will set you back £169.95.

Triathletes can choose between the new Sector entry-level shoe at £79.99, which offers a glass fibre and polyamide sole, a pair of velcro straps, a heat mouldable inner and a weight of 680g (size 42). The high performance SEC-SEG complements the Sector’s features, with a carbon sole, reinforced heel and lower weight of 495g (size 42) for £169.99. The SEC-SEG also has a neat loop at the rear of the arch, for holding the shoes level on the bike in transition.


For more information see www.spiuk.com. Spiuk shoes are distributed by Silverfish in the UK.