SRAM issues PowerLock voluntary recall

Affects 10 speed PowerLock links made between January and June 2009

Component manufacturer SRAM has issued a voluntary recall on a limited number of 10-speed chains due to PowerLock connector link failures.


According to SRAM, the connector plates may develop a crack during installation or early use, with a potential failure rate of 2.5 connector plates in every 1000.

The recall does not apply to all SRAM links, rather a limited number of PowerLock chain links manufactured between January and June 2009. The SRAM PowerLock connector link should be examined for the date of manufacture, which can be determined from the letter printed on the right side of the plate. Connector links marked with an ‘M’ or ‘N’ have the potential to crack.


SRAM advises those with affected chains to stop using the product immediately and return their chains to any SRAM dealer for verification of the product date stamp and to obtain a free replacement PowerLock link.