SRAM announces new Level Ultimate and TLM stoppers

Less weight and more power for the XC brakes

SRAM Level Brakes

The design team at SRAM has been busy over the past few months and there seems to be new gear launching almost constantly from the US company.

And now, on the back of the updated four-piston G2 Ultimate and RCS brakes, the brand has just lifted the veil on new iterations of the Level Ultimate and TLM brakes.


The G2 series brakes are suited to trail and enduro riders who are less concerned with counting grams, and SRAM has stripped the new Level levers and calipers to remove as much weight as possible, while still offering plenty of stopping power.

While the levers only see minor functional changes, the calipers now use a two-piece, two-piston design, claimed to make for superb heat management and smooth actuation.

Both the levers are compatible with the Matchmaker or Matchmaker X clamps too.

SRAM Level Ultimate

SRAM Level Ultimate
SRAM’s Level Ultimate brakes have a redesigned caliper and high-performing lever

As you would expect from a top-of-the-range brake, the updated Level Ultimates are as excellent as ever, and complete with titanium hardware, they have a claimed weight of 318g.

The lever itself is carbon and runs on bearings for a silky smooth pull, and features tooled reach adjustment and Direct Link action for a positive lever feel, SRAM claims.

While SRAM prioritised performance on the scale, its retained the hinged bar clamp but now has the brand’s Bleeding Edge ports.

SRAM says these ports make the bleeding process easier and faster by allowing the DOT 5.1 fluid to flow through the callipers more smoothly — they do however require a special adaptor.

Sram has just announced it's latest Level brakes
SRAM has just announced its latest Level brakes

The new Level Ultimates are sold with the CLX two-piece rotors and are compatible with up to a 180mm disc at the front and a 140mm at the back, have a top loading pad holder and will retail for $300 (international pricing is to be announced).


Pitched as the brand’s high-value cross-country brake, the TLMs still sit second from the top in the Level range.

They don’t get the titanium hardware, a carbon lever or the two-piece rotors on offer with the Ultimates, however, most of the technology in the flagship brake has trickled down into these stoppers.

They get the same updated caliper, the lever still has a bearing in the pivot, and there’s tooled reach adjusters too.

Also trickled down are the hinged bar clamps and Direct Link actuation. The brakes are claimed to tip the scales at 356g.

SRAM TLM lever and caliper
The TLM levers and calipers offer serious performance for the money

Running on Dot 5.1 fluid, the TLMs come with Centerline Rotors and the calipers take up to a 200mm disc in the front, and 140mm at the back.


They’re also about half the price and set to retail for $170 (international pricing to be announced).