SRAM releases new MultiClic auxiliary shifter buttons for wireless derailleur and dropper post control

New satellite shifter buttons can control compatible derailleurs and a dropper post

SRAM has announced a new set of wired shift buttons called MultiClics that can control its wireless eTap derailleurs and the RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post.


Similar to Shimano’s SW-R610 Di2 sprint shifters, the MultiClics are designed to be placed on road drop bars or aero base bars to offer essentially unlimited shifting positions.

SRAM MultiClics
The MultiClics have flexible wings to wrap handlebar tape over to secure them to handlebars and are available with three different wire lengths.

They appear to be refined versions of SRAM’s Blip shifters (though SRAM told us it has no plans to discontinue these). SRAM has made a big effort to improve the way the buttons attach to handlebars and integrate with handlebar tape.

Like the Blips, the MultiClics are wired and need to be plugged into SRAM eTap shift/brake levers, SRAM’s BlipBox or the Zipp VukaShift AXS 90 aerobar extensions that were also announced today.

Unlike the Blips though, which are often placed underneath the handlebar tape, the MultilClics shift buttons are slightly elevated on flexible wings. Handlebar tape can then be wrapped around the wings to secure the whole thing to the handlebar, with the shift button extruding through the tape.

SRAM MultiClics on road handlebar
Rather than sitting under the handlebar tape like SRAM’s Blip shifters, the new MultiClics extend out to offer a larger profile.

This also means there’s no need to cut a small hole in the tape to make space for the buttons (as is often done for Shimano’s Di2 Sprint shifters).

SRAM said the new MultiClics offer exactly the same functionality as the Blips and Clics (bar-end shifters for aerobar extensions), but simply offer riders another option.

As such, the MultiClics are compatible with all the same devices, including eTap AXS derailleurs, the BlipBox, previous generation SRAM Red eTap derailleurs and the RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post.

They will also be available with three different wire lengths (150mm, 450mm and 800mm), which should mean riders don’t need to resort to the kind of modifications we sometimes see with Di2 sprint shifters on pro bikes to put them in unusual or unintended positions.

SRAM MultiClics on aero basebar
The MultiClics also work on aero basebars… and anywhere else within 800mm of your shifters.

SRAM’s press release doesn’t contain official weights for every iteration, but we weighed a set with 150mm wires at just 12g and SRAM claims a pair of MultiClics with 800mm wires weighs 24g, so we expect the 450mm versions to fall somewhere in between.


The SRAM MultiClics will be available from May 2020 and will cost £115 / $120 / €130 for a set of two shifter buttons.