SRAM pART Project for World Bicycle Relief

When artists and bike parts collide

Transmission masters SRAM have combined artistic talent with existing bicycle components and produced some spectacular results. They’ve called it the SRAM pART project.


SRAM chose 46 artists and gave them each 100 of their own components to play with, and what they came up with was entirely unique. A robot with fork stanchions as limbs, a goat formed from a mash of cranks, sprockets, shifters and seatposts and lots more weird and wonderful assemblies. Take a look through the gallery of some of the best pieces and appreciate the beauty of these components in an entirely different way.

None of these components will be going to waste either, SRAM will be auctioning off each piece of work individually next month in order to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief.

Powerglide by lewis tardy:

Powerglide by Lewis Tardy