SRAM R2C time trial shifters updated for Red 2012 groupset

55/42t Aero chainrings also compatible with 'Yaw' technology

SRAM have launched time trial shifters and aero chainrings compatible with the ‘Yaw’ technology in their updated SRAM Red 2012 groupset.


The 175g R2C (Return to Centre) shifters have been around for a couple of years but the upgrade means they now work with the mechanism of Red’s front derailleur.

The front-mech adjusting left shifter is now trim-less because the Yaw design allows the mech to rotate on a vertical axis as well as in and out. This has the benefit of eliminating chain rub when in extreme gears. We’ve used the current model R2C shifters and have found the enforced trim means three clicks instead of one when shifting from big to small chainring.

As the name suggests, the R2C shifter returns to its starting position after every shift, regardless of which chainring you’re in, helping to keep you in your most aerodynamic position. Titanium bolts allow you to adjust the initial position of the lever by 40º for a customisable fit.

The shifting blade is made from unidirectional carbon ergonomically shaped to fit between the thumb and first fingers.

The 55/42t aero chainrings are also compatible with sram’s ‘yaw’ technology:

The matching chainrings, the SRAM Yaw Aero Chainring, will be available in 55t/42t options. Both the shifters (€336) and chainrings (€93) will be available from November, with UK/US pricing to be confirmed.