SRAM unveils new time trial and triathlon shifter

Innovative lever designed to generate less drag

SRAM's new 1090-R2C bar-end shifters house an innovative set of guts that allow the lever to return to a 'home' position after each shift for better ergonomics and aerodynamics

SRAM has added a third bar-end shifter to its time trial/triathlon range for 2009.


The 1090-R2C has some clever features that the firm claims will save up to 36 seconds over a typical Ironman bike leg.

It sports a single lever per side, like SRAM’s TT Shifter 900 and 500 models, but instead of having a set location for each cog or chainring the lever returns to a central position – hence the R2C moniker – after each shift. 

SRAM says that because the lever is always pointed straight ahead it generates less drag while remaining easily accessible.

The 1090-R2C shifter will have a carbon fibre lever, aluminium body and composite insert mount, with titanium fasteners throughout.  The new shifter will only be compatible with SRAM road rear derailleurs but will mount directly to Zipp’s integrated Vuka shifter boss. 


Even with its exotic materials list, the more complicated internals push the 1090-R2C’s projected weight to a slightly weightier  – but still competitive – 195g for the pair (the TT Shifter 900 is 138g per pair).  Pricing and availability are still to be determined.