SRAM warns against counterfeit components

Products with scratched-off serial numbers could be potentially dangerous

Component manufacturer SRAM is warning riders to be on the lookout for components without serial numbers. Such items could be counterfeit and potentially dangerous, SRAM claims.

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This is just the latest incidence of fake bicycles and components that are costing the cycling industry millions.

A release posted to the company’s website states:

“SRAM has seen a considerable increase in SRAM branded products sold online, in stores and on complete bikes with the product serial number scratched off.

Never ride products that appear to be from SRAM that have the product serial number scratched off. Products with a scratched off serial number could be potentially dangerous to use and are not covered by the SRAM warranty.

No serial number could mean no warranty support if things go wrong:

Please see the photo above of a product with a scratched off serial number. Note that serial numbers are located in various places on most SRAM products. More examples of damaged product will be posted as they are discovered.

SRAM branded products with scratched off serial numbers are typically purchased from an unauthorized online retailer. In some cases, they may also be purchased on a complete bike or on its own in a bike shop. Clear product serial numbers help to distinguish a genuine SRAM product from a counterfeit reproduction as counterfeit product may look like a genuine SRAM product.

Most, but not all, genuine SRAM products have a unique serial number that is laser engraved somewhere on the product. Each serialized product and corresponding serial number is cataloged as a part of SRAM’s manufacturing process. The only way to guarantee you are purchasing a genuine SRAM product is to purchase it from an authorized dealer. Only a genuine SRAM product has the quality, service, performance, and warranty backed by SRAM.

We value and appreciate your interest in purchasing genuine products from SRAM. Please visit your local authorized SRAM dealer for assistance in choosing the right component for you.”

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