SRAM X0 1×11 drivetrain to be introduced next year

1x11 expected to trickle down to even lower price points, too

Most readers won’t be surprised to hear that SRAM’s fantastic XX1 1×11 drivetrain technology will be trickling down to lower price points for next year, mirroring the roll-out for the company’s 2×10 systems. However, we now have some confirmation of that fact, meaning more riders will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of single-ring living without the steep XX price tag.


SRAM has been extremely tight-lipped about new 1×11 offerings so far, but we stumbled upon a spec sheet with some tantalizing part numbers that give a hint of what’s to come. If this spec sheet is accurate, we can expect an X0 1×11 group including a clutched Type 2 rear derailleur and matching trigger shifter plus an XG-1195 cassette with the same super wide-range 10-42T gearing and likely requiring the same XD freehub body.

SRAM claims its x-horizon non-slanted parallelgram mechanism yields more precise chain movement than traditional geometries:
James Huang/BikeRadar
SRAM claims its X-Horizon non-slanted parallelogram yields more precise shifting than traditional geometries

We anticipate a corresponding X0 1×11 crankset as well, as it would only require a new spider. That said, we have also caught wind of the non-series X1 model crank. Both would use the same alternating thick-thin chainring teeth profiling as the current XX1 setup.

Will we see 1×11 trickle even further down, to the X9 and X7 levels or beyond? We can’t say for sure but it’s a safe bet given SRAM’s history.


Prices, weights and additional details are still unavailable.

Updating the current x0 crank for 1×11 compatiblity would only require a new spider:
James Huang/BikeRadar
Updating the current X0 crank for 11-speed would only require a new spider