SRAM XX1 Black groupset – first look

Plus new accessories to match

SRAM has announced a stealthy version of its XX1 groupset for 2016, as well as a couple of practical and retrofittable accessories for current SRAM 1x users. 


XX1 Black groupset

SRAM xx1 black groupset:

Apart from being fitted with SRAM’s latest generation X-SYNC direct mount chainring, the XX1 Black groupset is mechanically identical to the version that is currently on sale. Cosmetically speaking, the red highlights you’d normally find are replaced with a much more subtle grey. 

High direct mount frame cover

SRAM xx1 high direct mount frame cover:

With so many riders switching out to 1x setups, many frames are being left with ugly and redundant front derailleur mounts – particularly those with a high direct-mount standard. If you’re lucky enough to be upgrading to a 1x drivetrain, the nice people at SRAM has produced a branded blanking plate that will hide your frame’s former life as a double- or triple-ringer.

Carbon crank boots

XX1 carbon crank boots:

If you’re spending closer to £350 / US$460 for a set of cranks, you’ll probably want to look after them.


SRAM is now making it easier to do just that, by selling a pair of moulded plastic crank protectors (or ‘boots’), very similar to the ones we’ve seen from Race Face for a few years, for a reasonable cost.


Part £ US$
XX1 GXP crank with 32t X-Sync direct mountain chainring (BB not included) 346 456 405
XX1 BB30 crank with 32t X-Sync direct mountain chainring (BB not included) 371 488 434
XX1 shifter 139 183 163
XX1 rear derailleur 248 326 290
XX1 high direct mount frame cover 11 15 13.33
XX1 carbon crank boots 8 10 9