St John Ambulance unveils first-aid app for cyclists

Digital guide offers instructions on what to do in an emergency

The St John Ambulance aims to equip cyclists with the skills they need to deal with an accident

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St John Ambulance has released a free first-aid app specifically aimed at cyclists.

The First Aid for Cyclists app is designed to equip riders with the essential skills needed in an emergency. The downloadable guide covers what to do to make a scene safe on the road, tips on how to improvise with bike clothing and equipment, and how to deal with common injuries.

The app was launch after the volunteer-led charity organisation conducted research that found that cyclists were quicker than motorists or pedestrians to help fellow cyclists involved in an accident, and was created using the expertise of the charity’s medically trained staff and St John Ambulance Cycle Response Unit, which uses mountain bikes to attend accidents.

Ashley Sweetland, National Cycle Response Unit Lead at St John Ambulance, said: “We know many cyclists have accidents on the road each year, sometimes resulting in injuries where first aid could have made a difference. We want to ensure that the UK’s cycling community is equipped with first aid knowledge, so that more cyclists can help where circumstances might need them.”

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The release of the app, which is available now on Google Play and the App Store, comes on the same week that the Department for Transport has announced a rise in the number of all cycling casualties, up two percent since 2012.