Stages Cycling power meters come to Australia and NZ

FE Sports distributing affordable crank-based power meters from US brand

Stages Cycling power meters are now available to buy in Australia and New Zealand for the first time, with the Colorado company striking a deal with distributors FE Sports. Full pricing is below, but customers can expect to pay between $999 for a Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 unit and $799 for a SRAM Rival-GXP model. The crank-based power meters are currently shipping to retailers. 


Doug Crawford, vice president of Stages Cycling, said: “Australia is a massive power meter market and they’ve been hounding us for access to our product,”

“As with each venture into a new market, we have taken our time to find and vet a distribution partner that matches with our brand ethos and will add value to each rider’s experience with our Stages Cycling product; FE Sports has earned our respect and our partnership.”

The development comes close to a month after the Garmin Vector power meter pedals were released for sale and PowerTap dropped prices for their wheel-based system.

Stages released their lightweight, strain gauge-based system at Interbike in 2012. The units work by measuring beam deflection in the crank and transferring data to head units via ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0. The units are compatible with a range of aluminium cranks in on and off-road groupsets.

For further details, read our initial introduction to Stages Power Meters and keep a look out for an upcoming group test of power meters, including Stages.

For more information see and FE Sports.

Full AUS $ prices:

  • Stages Dura-Ace 9000, $999
  • Stages Dura-Ace 7900, $999
  • Stages Dura-Ace 7710 (Track), $999
  • Stages Ultegra 6700 (Grey), $899
  • Stages Ultegra 6700 (Silver), $899
  • Stages Ultegra 6800, $899
  • Stages 105-5700 (Black), $799
  • Stages 105-5700 (Silver), $799    
  • Stages SRAM Rival-GXP, $799
  • Stages XTR M980 Double/Duo ring ALL Mountain, $999
  • Stages XTR M985 Duo ring XC Race, $999
  • Stages XT M780/785 Black, $899
  • Stages XT M780/785 Silver, $899
  • Stages Saint M820, $TBC
  • Stages DXR MX71, $TBC
  • Stages SRAM X9-GXP, $799
  • Stages Cannondale SI HG, $899

Full cranksets are also available in Dura-Ace 9000, Ultegra, SRAM Rival GXP and SRAM X9 GXP.