Stan’s NoTubes Race Sealant to seal bigger holes, faster

New high-powered tire sealant from the tubeless specialist

NoTubes Race Sealant sealant is designed to work faster, seal larger punctures and perform over a wide range of temperatures

To celebrate 15 years of tubeless tech, Stan’s NoTubes is unveiling a new branch of the company dedicated to developing high-performance products to meet the needs of racers. The first product released from the Stan’s Race Development program is a new sealant designed to work faster, seal larger punctures and perform over a wide range of temperatures.


NoTubes claims its new Race Sealant has twice the number of sealing crystals and includes larger crystals than its standard sealant. The company claims this gives it superior sealing power, allowing it to work quicker and to seal larger punctures.

This increased sealing power comes with a few drawbacks. For starters, the fact that “it will clog the hell out of injectors,” NoTubes states. The larger and more numerous crystals will also clog tubes and tubulars. NoTubes only recommends that it be poured directly into tires.

The latex base has a lower viscosity than the standard formula, meaning it should perform better in temperatures as low as -30F/-34C.

According to NoTubes, the formula is as environmentally-friendly as its standard sealant. Riders wishing to give their standard sealant a bit of an edge can add in some of the Race Sealant, as the two are compatible to mix.

NoTubes Race Sealant comes in 32oz / 946ml bottles. It’s available now and retails for $39 / £30, which is approximately $14 / £7 more expensive than the standard sealant. (Australian pricing has yet to be announced.)

NoTubes produces the Race Sealant at its headquarters in Big Flats, New York. Yes, that is a real town.


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