Stan’s releases new Grail CB7 and MK3 rims and wheels

The lightest carbon gravel rim out there, Stan's claims

Stan’s NoTubes has unveiled its latest gravel and cyclocross rims and wheels, the Grail CB7 and Grail MK3. With the carbon Grail CB7, Stan’s boasts that it has the lightest gravel rim on the market. The Grail MK3 is alloy. Both are available now as rims and wheelsets.

Rear hubs on the CB7 Pro build are Stan’s Neo Ultimate Speedsync hubs with a hardened steel ratchet and five-degree engagement

Stan’s NoTubes Grail CB7 highlights

  • Internal/external rim width: 21.6mm / 26.4mm
  • Hubs: Pro – Stan’s Neo Ultimate / Team – Stan’s Neo
  • Spokes: Pro – Sapim Laser Black 1.8/1.5/1.8mm / Team – Sapim Force Black 2.0/1.7/1.8mm
  • Rim weight: 300g 
  • Wheelset weight: Pro 1,277g / Team 1,360g
  • Pricing: Pro wheelset – $1,635 / Team wheelset – $1,399 / rim – $600 / UK and AU pricing not available
The disc brake only Grail CB7 wheels feature 24 front and 28 rear spokes

Stan’s claims its new disc-brake-only wheels are ideal for tires ranging from 25-40mm and pressures less than 85psi. Those numbers line up well with the burgeoning gravel and adventure-oriented drop bar bikes. 

Over to you: are wider rims marketing hype or a real-world benefit?

According to Stan’s, its RiACT impact absorbing carbon technology found in its rims smooths out bumps and vibrations and also lessens the chances of pinch-flatting low-pressure tubeless tires.

Stan’s claims its 300g rim is 30g lighter than the next lightest carbon gravel rim. ENVE’s new G23 has a claimed weight of 330g.

Big and/or strong riders should take note, Stan’s lists a max rider weight limit of 86kg (190lbs) for the Pro build and 104kg (230lbs) for the Team wheelset.

Stan’s NoTubes Grail MK3 highlights

  • Internal/external rim width: 20.3mm / 24mm
  • Hubs: Stan’s Neo
  • Spokes: Sapim Force Black 2.0/1.7/1.8mm
  • Rim weight: 440g 
  • Wheelset weight: 1,675g
  • Pricing: wheelset – $699 / rim – $105 / UK and AU pricing not available
Stan’s NoTubes Grail carbon and aluminum wheels are designed for today’s more versatile drop-bar bikes

While the new Grail MK3 rim shares the same shape as the previous model, Stan’s claims it is stronger and lighter due to its use of 6069 aluminum. Stan’s also claims that the new rim is laterally stiffer and more dent-resistant than the outgoing Grail rim.

The 20.3mm inner rim width should pair well with 25-40mm tires, but unlike the lower-pressure carbon Grail CB7 rims, the MK3s can withstand up to 110psi with a 25mm tire. 

As with the carbon hoops above, Stan’s sets the max rider weight for the Grail MK3 wheels at 104kg (230lbs).


If matching colors is your thing, both the Grail CB7 and MK3 wheelsets can be had with custom decal color options. Stan’s will also build wheelsets to your specifications. Check out its custom wheel builder at