State expands line of low-cost fixies

Four new colors for £279 / $299 flip-flop-hub bikes

State Bicycle’s £279 / $299Core Line bikes now come in six colors, which is a good range for a relatively cheap bike. State has been making affordable fixed-gear and singlespeed bikes since 2009.

The Pigeon is subdued save for some ano red bits
The Pigeon is subdued save for some ano red bits

State Core Line bike features

  • Frame: Steel
  • Wheelset: 40mm deep-V
  • Drivetrain: Flip-flop rear hub for fixed gear or singlespeed
  • Handlebars: Riser bars w/ Vans grips
  • Sizes: Small (50 cm), Medium (54 cm), Large (58 cm)
  • Weight: Claimed 24.5 lbs. (Med)
  • Brakes: Front and rear brakes included
  • MSRP: £279 / $299

Additional colors

The Ashford features a metallic crimson paintjob
The Ashford features a metallic crimson paintjob

The original Core line consisted of just two options, one nearly all black, the other a very teal color.

Check out the gallery above for all four new color choices.

Fixed or free, you choose

The rear hub on the Core bikes is a flip flop, which means one side has a fixed cog (no coasting) and the other has a freewheel cog (yay, coasting!).

Of course, if riding with a freewheel, you need a way to stop so State includes front and rear brakes. And brakes aren’t a bad idea when rolling fixed, either.

Accessory add-ons

While State’s Core Line bikes are £279 / $299, its website allows accessory and parts upgrade purchases in the US. According to State, its UK warehouse does not have the ability to change out or add parts to the bikes.

Seven drop-down menus let you choose to add lights, lock, helmet, and interestingly, a $30 carbon water bottle cage, which seems a bit extravagant for a $299 bike.

Other upgrades over the stock spec include pedals, pedal straps, saddle, and a Planet Bike flat tire kit that includes a tube, levers and a CO2 head and cartridges.


Find out more on the State website.