Step aside bikepacking, bikefishing is the reel deal

Take your rod off-road

I’m not sure how this passed me by but I’d like to inform you that bikepacking is cancelled, and #bikefishing is now where it’s at. At least it should be, if this video by Path Less Pedaled is anything to go by.


This incredibly wholesome little film from way back in 2017 is ten minutes of two extremely chill people going on an overnight camping trip in Oregon. They’re riding bikes, and armed with fishing tackle and burritos.

They ride some lovely looking dusty trails, catch at least one fish, and muse on the delights of combining their outdoor hobbies. We should learn from these fine folks.


There are now over 5,000 posts on the #bikefishing hashtag on Instagram so they’re not alone in this endeavour. Do you fancy taking your rod on the road (or off it)? What other hobbies could you combine with your cycling?