Storck Aerfast aero road and TIX cyclocross bikes revealed at Eurobike

Limited-edition 20th anniversary and signature bikes too

Storck Bicycles is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the best way possible: with a new aero road bike, its first cyclocross model and a full range of limited-edition 20th anniversary models.


Well-heeled buyers can also opt for the high-zoot signature-edition builds with Markus Storck’s own preferred (and decidedly high-end) build kit.

Meet the Aerfast

Storck’s second-generation aero road frame, the Aerfast, carries on with the company’s ‘sectional aerodynamic shaping’ concept.

According to Markus Storck, this means that any horizontal slice of the frame or fork will yield an aerodynamically correct teardrop cross-section, which supposedly yields reduced drag and more speed.

New from storck is the aerfast aero road bike:

New from Storck for 2015 is the Aerfast aero road bike

Other aero touches include a rear brake tucked beneath the chain stays, a hidden seatpost binder, a fork crown that’s blended with the neighboring down tube, and rear-entry horizontal dropouts that allow for an adjustable gap in between the tyre and seat tube.

The real world effectiveness of all of this is debatable but the end result certainly looks the part, and although Storck says the new Aerfast is 20 percent less stiff than the Aernario aero flagship, it’s notably more comfortable.

The chain stay-located rear brake caliper and hidden seatpost binder leaves the seat cluster area open and clean:

Moving the rear brake down below leaves the seat cluster clean and open

The claimed frame weight is 950g and complete bikes start at €4,498 with a Shimano Ultegra 6800 mechanical group.

Storck moves into cyclocross with the T.I.X.

Storck finally fills a long-standing hole in its lineup with the new T.I.X. (This Is Cyclocross), which features front and rear disc brakes exclusively, plus thru-axles at either end for additional stiffness and more consistent wheel positioning.

The frame design is prototypical Storck with nominally round tubes throughout, smoothly transitioned joints, a 1 1/8 to 1 1/2in tapered head tube, rear-entry dropouts and a wide PF86 press-fit bottom bracket that allows for more tyre clearance. Naturally, routing is fully internal and convertible for mechanical or electronic drivetrains.

Storck is now getting into the cyclocross game with the new tix – this is cross:

Storck fans finally get a cyclocross option in the form of the new T.I.X.

Based on previous experience with other Storck frames, this should yield exceptional torsional and drivetrain stiffness. Nevertheless, Storck claims its ‘directional depending stiffness’ concept – which builds tuned flex patterns into the seat stays and fork blades – provides a smooth and comfortable ride on bumpy courses.

Claimed frame weight is 940g and complete bikes start at €3,698 with a Shimano Ultegra 6800 mechanical group.

Storck special editions

No major anniversary would be complete without some sort of party, and Storck is celebrating its 20th year in business in the best way possible: with limited-edition anniversary versions of nearly every model in its range.

Each anniversary-edition is limited to 200 copies, each with special badging and paint, and signed by Markus Storck himself. The top four models will also come with a travel case that Storck designed in-house. The fibre composite shell is impressively light and filled with strategically situated dense foam padding and custom-fitted bags that can be filled with various clothing and accessories.

Storck is also celebrating its 20th anniversary with special editions of nearly every model. only 200 copies of each will be offered :

20th anniversary Storck bikes get special paint and badging

Four casters make for easy transportation when the case is fully loaded and when empty, the two clamshell halves can nest within themselves for more compact storage.

The claimed weight for the case and accessories is 10.9kg (24lb) and retail price is €679.

Storck’s new travel case has plenty of room for clothing and accessories. the custom fit bags are designed to fit all storck road frame sizes:

The new Storck travel case will come bundled with the top four 20th-anniversary bikes, or it can also be purchased separately

Storck will also offer a special version of its Aernario, built with Markus Storck’s own preferred build kit. Not surprisingly, the spec sheet is chock-full of exotic componentry, which includes Lightweight Obermayer carbon wheels, THM-Carbones Fibula carbon fibre brake calipers, and Storck’s own Powerarms G2 carbon fibre crankset. Production is limited to 50 bikes worldwide.

The claimed weight is just 5.38kg (11.86lb) for a complete 57cm bike – and the retail price is a staggering €14,999.

Hopefully markus storck is signing his autograph in solvent resistant ink!:

Signed by Markus Storck himself


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