Strap up with the Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5 shoe

Forget how to lace your shoes… just use Velcro

Fizik’s new Tempo range has been designed to replace Boa dials and laces with the most novel of technologies — Velcro. Only one model, the Tempo Powerstrap R5, will be available initially, and Fizik claims the new shoe will offer a comfortable fit because of its novel strap design.


The shoes are claimed to offer a “fully customized all-enveloping fit” using wide Velcro straps that encircle the whole foot. This straps have been designed to distribute pressure evenly around the foot for a snug, precise and comfortable fitting shoe when cinched down.

The two individual straps are also claimed to allow for precise fine-tuning of the volume over the instep and around the forefoot.

Independent adjustments for forefoot and instep should allow you to fine tune the fit

This first model in the range uses Fizik’s existing entry-level nylon injected R5 sole, which should provide a good balance between comfort and performance.

We do rather like the sleek, understated design of the shoe, and it will be available in four colours: black, white, coral and navy.

We rather like the sleek looks of these road kicks

Whether riders will prefer Velcro fastenings to the quick fine-tuning that Boa dials offer is another question, but for a comfortable, less performance-focussed shoe, this design could be just right for many riders.


The Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5 road shoe is already available for £109.99 / €119 / $119.99. For more details visit Fizik’s website.