Strava: 2015’s most popular segments revealed

California takes top US spots; Vermont beats Colorado for hilliest ride average

The Strava stats are in for 2015, and they’re mighty impressive: globally, we clocked up over four billion kilometers. That’s nearly enough for a one-way trip to Neptune, the farthest planet from the sun in our solar system.


So where was the world’s most popular segment? That would be Full Sawyers Uphill in London’s Richmond Park, with 33,226 individuals attempting the climb in 2015. In the US, Bay Area segments proved to be the most popular, with the 7-11 Bump, Pickleweed and Sausalito to GGB segments in Sausalito, California taking the top three most popular spots.

Zoom, zoom 

Strava declines to say exactly how many users it has, but the global site certainly has millions of users, primarily runners and cyclists. Strava claims 5.3 activities were uploaded every second of 2015. Some 115,788,472 bike rides were uploaded to the site in 2015, Strava claims, for a total of 2,591,134,087 miles.

Of the US rides, male Strava cyclists averaged 23mi and 1,140 vertical feet per ride, at an average speed of 14.6mph. For women, those figures were 20mi, 942ft and 12.7mph. Total average distance for the year was 613mi for men and 338mi for women.

The state-by-state breakdown contained some surprises, with Louisiana boasting the fastest ride average (15.2mph) over Indiana (14.8) and Florida (14.7). And Vermont topped the hilly ride analysis, with an average gain of 1,460ft, compared to Colorado’s 1,307ft and California’s, 1,297ft.

On the other hand, it was no big surprise to see the pancake-flat state of Florida claim the flattest ride average of 216ft, and California host the most activities (7,172,721).  

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