Strava has predicted when you’ll give up your new year’s resolution

Quitter's Day isn't so far away, according to Strava

Strava announces 2020 Quitter's Day

Strava has announced its prediction for 2020’s Quitter’s Day as Sunday 19 January – the day that most people give up on their new year’s resolutions.


If you go through the same annual routine of setting goals before promptly discarding them, perhaps this prediction can be a form of motivation: don’t be a quitter on Quitter’s Day.

How to stay motivated and stick to your goals

So, how can you stick to this year’s goals and not be a quitter? Strava reckons these three tips will help you make 2020 a success:


Ride with friends

According to Strava’s data, people who ride together are more likely to stick to their goals thanks to the added accountability and motivation, not to mention the implied guilt, that can come with not wanting to let someone else down. Even if you enjoy flying solo, there are plenty more benefits to riding with friends.


Consistency is key

While it may be tempting to ease yourself in by doing your chosen activity once or twice per week, it’s suggested that regular training three times per week can result in double the amount of activity over the year.


Keep the goal in mind

As we said in our advice on making resolutions you can keep, having a solid, specific and achievable goal in mind is what will keep you going. Rather than planning to simply ‘ride more’, set yourself actual targets (such as covering a certain distance each month) and track your progress.