Strava adds routes to app

Created routes can be imported for use on iPhone or Android

Last fall Strava added a Route Builder feature to its website, allowing users to create GPS-based routes that could be followed with a Garmin or studied online. Now users of the mobile Strava app can use those routes to navigate with on their smartphone. At a glance, the upside — as with many apps — is the convenience, but there is still the problem of GPS-driven apps draining the smartphone battery.


The app does add a cool feature, though, called ‘Route Back To Start’, which can provide a digital bailout of sorts should the weather or your legs turn bad in the middle of a big loop ride.

The Route Builder on Strava taps into the millions of uploaded activities, allowing users to set what areas are popular.

Route Builder and using the created routes on the Strava app are both free.


The Strava app and much of the functionality on are free; additional services like analysis and training videos are available as part of the subscription-based Premium, which is US$6/mo or US$59/year.