Strava adds Sufferfest videos to mobile

Premium members can watch training videos on their phones

Strava recently added training videos from The Sufferfest to its Premium offerings

Strava recently partnered with The Sufferfest to add training videos on the social fitness company’s mobile app.


“We are excited to bring The Sufferfest to Strava cyclists around the world,” said Michael Horvath, Strava’s co-founder and CEO. “Adding quality video content provides them with instruction and extra motivation, and it comes at just the right time for many of our athletes who don’t want to let weather get in the way of their workouts.”

Strava added three Sufferfest videos – more of which will be added periodically – to the Strava Premium service, which costs $6 (£3.73) a month or $59 (£36.76) annually. The Strava app works on iOS and Android mobile devices, and the company says the videos will soon soon be available on, too.

Each of the Sufferfest trainnig videos focus on a particular type of training, such as speed, time trialing or climbing.

Strava recently added training videos from the sufferfest to its premium offerings: strava recently added training videos from the sufferfest to its premium offerings

Strava Premium members can now watch training videos from The Sufferfest on the Strava app. The videos may soon be added to, too

Many of Strava’s features are free, such as the GPS ride tracking and segment ranking. Other Strava Premium features include a detailed training calendar that autopopulates as rides are added, power data and basic analysis, goal setting and GPX downloads to follow others’ routes on a GPS computer.


In order for the Sufferfest videos to play, users must be Strava Premium members with a Strava mobile app updated to v3.7.