Strava adds training plans

CTS plans targeted at various duration efforts, segments

Social fitness company Strava recently added training plans to its Premium offering, providing riders with multi-week plans targeted at improving performance over a given duration.


Each of the training plans, which were built by coaching company CTS, key off of popular Strava segments. The one-hour plan, for example, is loosely based on the Galibier.

The idea is that, by training specifically for a chosen duration, a rider could improve their performance on their targeted Strava leaderboard — and hopefully in their riding in general. 

There are 10 plans targeting efforts from 10-second sprints to one-hour climbs. Each plan is four weeks.

The plans are tweaked to the available hours of the user: the plans are tweaked to the available hours of the user

Each plan is tailored to the user’s available ride time

Although Strava has millions of users, the company is not yet profitable. The basic service is free, either online or via an app. Premium costs US$59/year.


Strava has also recently added other features to the Premium service, including a few training videos from The Sufferfest and FitStar, plus some basic analytics like ‘Fitness & Freshness’, which tracks the cumulative effect of training and roughly predicts form — if the software is used religiously.