Strava and Competitive Cyclist will pay you to ride your bike

Fitness tracker and online retailer team up to create ‘You Ride…We Pay’ program

If you’re reading this, the odds are very good that you’re not a professional cyclist, but that doesn’t have to stop you from getting paid to ride you bike. Strava and Competitive Cyclist have teamed up to reward riders with store credit, just for spending time in the saddle. 


“At some point we all dream of being a pro and getting paid to ride,” said Noah Singer, senior product manager at Competitive Cyclist. “This is as close as most folks will get, and winning isn’t even a requirement. It’s pretty simple, earn $1[USD] per hour you ride and use it towards the things you need to keep going. We want to make your next ride your best ride.”

How it works

In order to use this new play-to-pay program, riders must sync Strava with a Competitive Cyclist account. 

Riders must download and sync stava with their competitive cyclist account:

You earn one credit, the equivalent of one US dollar, for every hour you spend riding (time is measured in moving time.) Credits are deposited into the rider’s Competitive Cyclist account within 24 hours. Accumulated credits are automatically applied to your next order.

You can receive up to 40 credits (US$40) per month. Credits expire on the last day of the following month they are earned. So, for example, credits earned for a ride in April will expire on May 31. 


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