Strava adds Goals Graphs so you can track your progress visually

Subscription-only Goals get an extra feature

Strava Goals Graphs

Ride logging and training platform Strava has today updated its Goals functionality to include graphs that let athletes “visualise their progress and trajectory” as they strive to hit their targets.


Goals, a subscription-only feature, lets you set specific aims for every trackable activity (there are 32 types) on Strava over weekly, monthly and annual timescales.

The new Goals Graphs give a simple visual indication of how you’re performing against your targets, plotting actual performance in green and your goals in grey. 

As ever with this kind of functionality, the quality and usefulness of results will depend on the inputs. 

Strava Goals Graphs
Strava users can set Goals over different timescales.

Set yourself reasonable goals and you’ll have a nice visual reminder that you’re on track. 

Excessive optimism, on the other hand, will yield graphs that serve only to remind you that you really need to try harder. 

Strava has previously claimed, based on its 2019 Year in Sport report, that athletes who set themselves goals are more consistent about actually logging activities, and do better overall. 

Strava graph goal setting
Riders with long-term goals seem to stay motivated all year round according to Strava.

According to the brand, there are now more than 68 million athletes worldwide using the platform, making for one heck of a data set. 

Goals Graphs go live today and existing subscribers should be able to see them immediately.


Strava’s basic functionality remains free to use, but many features are subscription-only, with plans starting at £4 / $5 a month.