Strava launches Athlete Posts for the masses

Facebook is so last year

Strava's new Athlete Posts feature allows athletes to share more than just rides

Strava has long been the platform of choice for those looking to track their training as well as engage in a little good-natured competition with people who aren’t actually there while keeping track of their friends’ training and even take a look at what the pros are doing.


However, the latest update to the platform sees Strava taking on more of a Facebook-esk identity by allowing users to share stores, photos, gear tips, ask questions, give route recommendations and send ride invites.

Until recently, Athlete Posts were only available to a select group of cyclists such as Phil Gaimon, Jered and Ashley Gruber, and Lentine Alexis, as well as athletes such as Caroline Gleich and Adrian Ballinger to name a few. With this latest update, you can share now share all of this with your followers.

Strava’s new Athlete Posts allow a who new level of sharing

“Strava is an active community of people who are passionate about their sports.” says James Quarles, Strava CEO. “We want to create more ways for the community to share their interests and expertise. Posts and the new feed make Strava the best place to tell a story about someone you met on the trails, ask a question about new gear or to seek kindred spirits to help achieve your goals.”

With this new functionality your feed has been completely overhauled and, according to Strava, will make it easier for athletes to see what’s going on in their ‘athletic world’ to find challenges, clubs and group events.

The feed now prominently highlights photos and displays group activities that feature all of the athletes involved.

With the ‘Athlete Posts’ feature now live, it will be interesting to see not only how the platform changes but also people’s reactions to this new functionality. While the posts could be great for scheduling group rides, sharing trail conditions and the location of road/trail hazards, it also has the potential to overload your feed and turn users to other less social platforms like TrainingPeaks.