Strava launches Strava Local

The best routes, coffee stops and bike shops for 12 cities based on Strava activities

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Strava has launched Strava Local, a new data-powered and athlete-curated travel guide for cyclists available in 12 cities worldwide.

Over 38 million Stava activities and billions of GPS data points from London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, Milan, Denver, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, Barcelona and Sydney have been used to provide locals and visitors with the best cycling (and running) routes in each city along with top coffee stops, places to buy gear and great photo spots.

Strava’s director of international marketing, Gareth Nettleton, said: “We’ve built a series of city guides designed specifically for athletes, by athletes. Our data shows us the world’s most popular routes, and our community of local influencers curate each guide to provide a rich and full experience, whether you’re new in town or rediscovering your city.”

Over 10 million activities were analysed for london’s guide: over 10 million activities were analysed for london’s guide

Like all the cities on Strava Local, the London guide features classic routes, top spots and plenty of pictures

In each city, bike shops, photo locations and coffee houses are listed as ‘Top Stops’, based on the volume of Strava users stopping there. For London alone, over 10 million Strava activities were analysed to find the most popular routes and stopping points in the UK capital.

Strava product manager, Andrew Valko, said: “City guides have long been a valuable tool for travellers and locals alike, but ours are based on actual data. We have been able to work out where, when and why athletes tend to stop, which we have used to curate a selection of Top Stops and photo spots for each of the 12 cities.”

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Strava Local is optimised for mobile devices and can be found at