Strava Live turns smartphone into real-time Strava computer

Strava sells Premium membership with Quad Lock bike mount for US$99

Strava's latest update turns a smartphone into a Strava cycling computer

With an update of its mobile app, Strava has a new interface it’s calling Strava Live, which gives a host of real-time cycling metrics and a live map. Some of the features are available for free; Premium subscribers can also access things like power and cadence, if they have the required sensors.


The Strava Live app update is for iOS and Android.

Garmin recently announced Strava Live Segments, where riders with certain Garmin Edge computers can track their performance on Strava segments in real time.

While many of the metrics and recording functionality of the Strava app existed before, Strava Live offers an optional always-on display and and custom settings to manage battery life.  

Strava’s chief product officer Aaron Forth said some 87 percent of Strava users used their phones to track a ride or run in 2014.

With that in mind, Strava is selling a  Strava-branded Quad Lock bike mount now, with a one-year Strava Premium membership and Quad Lock bundle going for US$99. International pricing is to be confirmed.


Strava Live is available with the latest version of the Strava’s iOS and Android mobile apps.