Strava picks BikeRadar as 1 of 30 Verified Clubs

Join us on Strava and follow along as we test bikes around the world

Strava recently picked BikeRadar to be one of 30 Verified Clubs to test a new content program. Many of you have already joined BikeRadar on Strava — it’s free — but if you haven’t, now is a great time because you can also get some of our best stories, photos and tips in your feed.


One of the things I appreciate about Strava is seeing photos from rides all around the world. I enjoy scrolling through the BikeRadar Strava club feed, and seeing images like downtown Singapore lit up at 5:30am, Swiss singletrack in the snow, the expanse of the Australian outback, and rides in shorts next to Arizona cactus. (Okay, that one makes me a little jealous as it is now below freezing in Colorado.)

You guys are getting after it out there, and it’s great that we can share with people we’ve never met.

With the new Beta Club content program, we’ll be sharing a few of our best stories and photos on Strava.

Here is what Strava has to say about the new Beta Club content:

“The Beta Clubs mark the first time that content other than an activity could show up in your feed, which is a big step toward serving every need of the athlete. That’s an ambitious goal, and no doubt we’ll be learning and iterating along the way. But we’re up for the challenge, and these Beta Clubs will help lead the way. Only these clubs can post for now because we trust them to be awesome — they are going to show us and the rest of the Strava community what it means to run a great club. They’ll set the standard, and it won’t be long before we open the ability to post content to all clubs and athletes.”

Ride bikes often, and share the fun on our Strava club

We’re happy Strava picked our club, and we’re even happier that so many riders enjoy sharing their adventures, training rides, photos, and even jokes about bad luck and mechanicals with us.  And the more, the merrier — if you’re on Strava, please join us here.

Oh, and did you know we have a YouTube channel? We’ve got 359,000+ subscribers, so at least some of you do.


Happy riding, and we’ll see you on Strava.