Supernova Infinity dynamo hubs – First look

High powered and lightweight, with a patented ring magnet design

Supernova have gained a great reputation for making innovative, powerful lights that are remarkably small, and for 2012 they’ve taken on the redesign of the dynamo hub. They were showing two new offerings at the Munich Bike Expo: the standard-sized Infinity 8 and smaller Infinity S.


The Infinity 8 weighs a reasonable 660g, but that’s not the whole story. Rather than using the traditional method of multiple magnets attached to the hub wall to generate the power, Supernova have patented a ring magnet design. This makes for much simpler servicing and repairs, and greater longevity, as there are fewer moving parts.

The hub also features a ring dial so the resistance/power generation can be switched off when it isn’t needed. This moves the magnet away from the coils, making for a fully free spinning hub and a wheel with no drag. The dynamo generates enough power to run both front and rear lights, even at low speeds.

The matching head unit also has a USB output so you can charge your GPS unit or mobile phone on the go. Power figures are impressive too, with the Infinity 8 putting out over a volt more across the board at speeds between 5kph and 40kph when compared to the leading Japanese and German hub dynamos.

If you’ve never considered using a dynamo before, Supernova’s second new hub may just change your mind. The new Infinity S is packed with the same technology as its bigger brother but in a smaller, more lightweight package. At just 395g, there’s a very small weight penalty compared to a standard hub and battery light.


Both hubs come with Shimano Center Lock rotor mounts, and all the connectors are high-quality gold-plated items. The output figures on the S model are below the Infinity 8 but still above any other dynamo hub on the market. Prices are yet to be confirmed.